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Custom work takes time and attention to detail. Why wear a gown every bride can purchase? Have your bridal gown custom designed by Michele Blanchard of MB Design Gallery. 

Inquire about our custom bridal design process. Experience our excellent customer service. Enjoy your bridal gown experience with MB Design Gallery. Inquire about a quote today.

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Custom Bridal Gown Construction Process

  • The first step is for Designer Michele Blanchard to have a consultation with the Bride.
  • A review of the wedding theme, color palette of the wedding, and time of the year is dicussed.
  • Measurements are taken and a review of the gown style and design is covered.
  • Fabric options and textures are presented for review and approval. 
  • A pattern is created by Designer Michele Blanchard and a mockup is made.
  • Approval of the mockup is agreed upon.
  • Gown construction will only begin after the bride agrees on the mockup gown design and all fabric choices.
  • Perfecting the gown fit during the construction process takes place. Fitting sessions are held to ensure the desired look is perfect. This process may take multiple fittings.
  • Upon completion of the construction and fittings the bride signs off on the gown prior to the gown release.     


Bride Holding a Flower
One Dress Three Angles
Woman in Wedding Dress



Full Front Wedding Dress Woman with Red and White Roses

Turquoise Dress Turquoise Dress Back
Wedding 1 White and Red Dress
Orange Dress Orange Dress Bride
Back of Bridal Gown Bridal Gown
Back of Bridal Gown Backless Gown
Bride and Groom Holding Hands Bride and Groom Posing Against a Wall
Father and Bride Bride and Bridesmaid
Lacy Wedding Dress Wedding Dress on Runway
Bride Holding a Bouquet of Flowers Woman in White Dress
Bride and Groom on Beach Bride and Groom Smiling
Couple Walking Down Aisle Couple and Groomsmen
Happy Couple at Their Wedding Bride and Groom in the Sunlight